• Tuesday , 2 September 2014

Legally Sell or Giveaway PREMIUM WordPress Themes by E. Brian Rose


If you are flipping anything, you need to know about this!  This information can really help your website flipping business massively.  How you ask?  How about getting great premium themes and plugins for free and using them on sites you sell and telling the buyers of the great themes and plugins they are getting as part of the deal.  No more worries about buying expensive developer rights and all of that. 


So what is it I am talking about here?  I just bought a WSO I just couldn’t pass up. It was created by E. Brian Rose. In his headline he states how this WSO is going to be very controversial. And he wasn’t kidding! I think a lot of developers are going to be a bit pissed with this.

Basically it is a very short report on GPL law and how to use it for your extreme advantage. What it basically says is that you can ‘rip off’ anything on wrodpress.org and resell it. He backs up all of this and I think this WSO is really going to open some flood gates.


There are also links to around 70 themes that you can begin pilfering right of the bat. It isn’t as clear as I’d like. I’d like a bit more specifics as to exactly which parts of the themes he listed are usable.  So if they are usable, they are also sellable.  And that means they are okay to use on your Flippa sites with out needing to transfer any kind of license to the client!  How much cash can that save you?


It will be interesting what happens now. Do developers pull their themes off of WordPress? Will everyone just copy everyone else for now on? Lots of questions. But a great thought provoking read. If selling themes or plugins aren’t your thing, then skip this. But if you are planning on selling themes, plugins or are looking for a product of your own to sell, then grab this.


One thing to note, in order to read your PDF you’ll need to download what is an .exe file. It is some kind of file that is supposed to protect the PDF from people sharing and hot linking, etc… I had a problem with it and needed support. But all was taken care of quickly enough.


Here is the link to E. Brian Rose’s product. After you read it, give me some feedback on how you think this might change things for the better or worse?



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  1. Really new newbie
    April 3, 2012 at 9:01 am

    Hi Bill,
    Thanks for all the great info in your posts. I’m new to this whole flipping thing, as in only hours old, and just as my stupid over-active brain does, if stumbled upon something, wonder how I didn’t know about it earlier and immediately have 87 tabs open trying to gather all the info I can on this exciting shiny and new toy I found. I just wanted to ask if you could help make that process easier slightly by explaining what things like WPO and GPL stand for when you first mention them. WPO was easy to find but Im still unsure on GPL. Would be much appreciated if you wouldn’t mind adding that sort of addition to your already informative posts.


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