• Tuesday , 2 September 2014

Blog Flip vs Site Flip

A blog is a website; therefore, “blog flipping” and “site flipping” are the same thing. You can flip blogs, you can flip content websites, you can flip directories, you can flip product sites, and you can flip any other type of website. They are all types of websites and you can make money flipping any of them.

It really doesn’t matter what type of site you flip, it is still “website flipping” and they all are done with basically the same process. The reason I chose blog flipping as the main topic for this blog, and also the reason most people flip blogs for profit, is because they are easy to build and are high in demand.

If you come across a “blog flip” information product or website or if you come across a “site flip” information product or website, they are the same thing just being said a different way.

When it comes to blog flipping versus site flipping the choice is yours. The process is the same so why not do a little of both? Blogs tend to sell easier and for more money but there is still a good market for static websites.


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